Sanitize. Deodorize. Clean.

Keep them safe with the gentle touch of nature using this multi-purpose cleaner in one rechargeable bottle


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All Natural Sanitizer


Aqueous ozone produced by Enozo kills 99.9% of some of the most harmful bacteria when used as directed. It has been approved as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA so you can sanitize confidently.

Powerful Natural Deodorant


Attack unwanted odors with the use of Enozo’s aqueous ozone without the need for added fragrances or dyes. This is especially helpful to those with allergies.

Natural Kitchen Cleaner


Enozo’s on-demand cleaning power eliminates the need for other synthetic chemicals and leaves no residue. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

All natural sanitization

Powered By Nature

Aqueous ozone (AO) is a product of nature that is produced when regular water and air become electrically charged. This electrical charge creates one of the most powerful oxidizers on the planet that revolutionizes the way people sanitize, deodorize and clean spaces. 

When produced by either nature or an onsite generation device, like Enozo products, AO is a less toxic alternative to other multi-purpose cleaners. This means fewer hazards for you, your workers, your customers, or your family.

*SB100 Spray Bottle Testing Results Using ASTM1153 Protocol.
*All testing was done at Lapuck Laboratories, Canton, Mass., following the directions for use in the SB100 manual. All tests were done on non-porous stainless steel surfaces
*The surrogate virus 229E /ATCC VR-740 is a virus that is commercially available and mimics the SARS-CoV-2 virus (responsible for development of the disease COVID-19). The test protocol is based on the ASTM E1052 Standard with considerations for use of ozone.

DISCLAIMER: The Enozo Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle (also branded O3waterworks™) is classified as a pesticidal device under the EPA regulations. It has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19) on hard non-porous surfaces employing test methods recognized as scientifically valid in the field. However, it is important to note that unlike chemical pesticides, EPA does not routinely review the safety or efficacy of pesticidal devices, and therefore cannot confirm whether, or under what circumstances, such products might be effective against the spread of COVID-19.


Eliminate the risk of foodborne illness by killing 99.9% of some of the most harmful bacteria like Salmonella.


From the lobby to the check-in desk to guest rooms, EnozoPRO is perfect. Being both portable and an on-site aqueous ozone generator make it perfect to take from room-to-room.

Schools & Nurseries

Little hands spread big germs. Protect your classroom and play areas without the risk of added chemicals.

Fitness & Spas

Whether it’s wiping down the free weights or making sure all spa surfaces are spotless, Enozo works on multiple different hard surfaces.

Animal Care

If you’re a pet-friendly workplace or home, an Enozo spray bottle is perfect for sanitizing and deodorizing to eliminate urine, feces and vomit. It’s also safe to have around furry friends.

Family Spaces

With Enozo, you won’t have to worry about leftover chemical residue after cleaning. Spray, wipe and get back to family fun time.

Revolutionizing How The World Cleans

Simplified Training

Cleaning shouldn’t be complicated. Enozo eliminates the need for complex cleaning processes providing users with an on-demand, on-the-go cleaning solution. Simplify your cleaning process using Enozo.

Sustainability In Action

Using the Enozo refillable, on-site generator of aqueous ozone helps to reduce your waste production as well as your carbon footprint. With Enozo, you can save money and help save the world!

Multi-Purpose Sanitizer

Eliminate the need for multiple additional sanitizers. Using just Enozo, you can kill 99.9% of some of the most harmful bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella in just 30 seconds.

No Chemical Additives

Aqueous ozone produced by Enozo is a non-synthetic cleaner that doesn’t need any added fragrances or dyes to sanitize and deodorize. Clean with confidence…and no added chemicals.

A Safer Alternative

Using aqueous ozone compared to other chemical cleaners can help to reduce workplace illnesses and home hazards like irritated skin and allergic reactions.

Top-Notch Engineering

Enozo engineers are constantly testing ways to better improve how the world cleans. The EnozoPRO bottle has proven durability having been drop tested from 5 feet at all angles onto concrete. All this in addition to a battery compartment that doesn’t leak.